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Cutting Oil

Product categories of Cutting Oil, we are specialized manufacturers from China, Cutting Oil, Soluble Oils suppliers/factory, wholesale high-quality products of Semisynthetic Fluids R & D and manufacturing, we have the perfect after-sales service and technical support. Look forward to your cooperation!

China Cutting Oil Suppliers

Cutting Oil:

Cutting fluid by a variety of super functional additives through scientific composite fit, and has good cooling performance, lubricating performance, rust resistance, oil removal the function of cleaning, corrosion, easy dilution characteristics. To overcome the traditional soap emulsion summer winter easy smelly, difficult dilution, anti rust effect difference problem, and has no adverse effects on the lathe for black metal paint, cutting and grinding, grinding is the current most. Leading indicators are better than the saponification of cutting fluid it has good oil, cooling, cleaning, rust and other characteristics, and has non-toxic, tasteless, no corrosion on the human body, the equipment corrosion, the characteristics of environment pollution.


The cutting fluid can be divided into straight oil,water-based emulsion, or soluble oil,semisynthetic cutting fluid and synthetic cutting fluid. The emulsion, semi synthetic and synthetic classification usually depends on the basis of oil products in the category: the emulsion is only with mineral oil as base oil soluble cutting fluid; semisynthetic cutting fluid containing both mineral oil and base oil containing chemical synthesis of water-soluble cutting fluid; synthetic cutting fluid is only the use of chemical synthetic base oil (which does not contain mineral oil) water soluble cutting fluid. The cutting fluid of each type will contain a variety of additives in base oil outside: anti rust agent, nonferrous metal passivation of corrosion agent, defoaming agent and so on. Some manufacturers will have a classification of micro emulsion; usually considered between emulsion and semi synthetic cutting fluid categories. Diluted emulsion is milky white in appearance; dilution semi synthetic fluid is usually translucent Some products are milky white; the dilution of the synthetic solution is usually completely transparent, such as water or a certain color.


Lubrication of metal cutting fluid (the cutting fluid lubrication) in the cutting process, can reduce the rake face and chip, flank and inter surface friction, forming part of lubricating film, thereby reducing the cutting force, friction and power consumption, reduce the temperature of the wear surface and the cutting tool and the workpiece blank the friction parts, improve the cutting performance of the workpiece material. During the grinding process, adding grinding fluid, grinding workpiece and the lubricating film formed between the abrasive and grinding fluid into the grinding wheel, the friction interface decreases, prevent the abrasive cutting edge wear and adhesion of the chip, thereby reducing the grinding force and friction heat, improve the durability of the grinding wheel and the workpiece surface quality.

The cooling effect of cooling liquid is cutting through it and by cutting a heating tool (or wheel), chip and workpiece between convection and evaporation, the cutting heat from tooling A place away, thus effectively reducing the cutting temperature, reduce the deformation of the workpiece and the cutting tool heat, keep tool hardness, improve the machining accuracy and tool durability. The cooling performance of cutting fluid and its thermal conductivity, specific heat, heat of vaporization and viscosity (or liquidity). The thermal conductivity and heat capacity of water is higher than that of oil therefore, the cooling performance of water is better than cleaning oil. During the metal cutting process, cutting fluid has good effect of cleaning requirements. To remove debris and produce chips, iron, oil and sand, prevent the machine tool and the workpiece, the tool of contamination, so that the cutting edges of the tool or grinding mouth to keep sharp, does not affect the cutting the effect for oil based cutting oil, lower viscosity, cleaning ability is stronger, especially with kerosene, diesel oil cutting and other light components, permeability and cleaning performance better. Water-based cutting fluid containing surfactant, the cleaning effect is better, because It can form film on the surface, to prevent the sludgeparticles and adhesion in the workpiece, cutting tool and grinding wheel, at the same time it can seep into the sludgeparticles and adhesion of the interface, it separated from the interface with the cutting fluid, cleaning rust away, keep the interface.

In the process of metal cutting work and environmental media and cutting fluid component decomposition or oxidation and sludge produced with the corrosive medium and corrosion, the surface of machine parts in contact with the cutting fluid will be corrosion. In addition, between the workpiece or the process of the transfer process also requires temporary storage, cutting fluid has certain anti rust capability, to prevent environmental media the residual sludge in cutting fluid and other corrosive substances to cause erosion of metals. Especially in the south of our country, humid and rainy season, more attention should be paid to rust.

Cutting Oil

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